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InVision U

InVision U is a New York State based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of InVision U, is to provide charitable, developmental services to the youth and adults of New Rochelle, primarily in the form of dance, health & wellness and cultural development programs. We are a community and faith-based organization, birthed by the desire to bridge the gap between the standard education system and a deep community need for greater performing arts and cultural education. InVision U currently supports New Beginnings Performing Arts Studio (NBPAS) as the only organization under our umbrella.

Founded and led by Kyra Johnson, a life-long dancer and educator, InVision U is women/minority owned and run. Our aim is to promote self-esteem, empowerment, confidence, empathy, kindness and grace through structured programs and activities – primarily utilizing the medium of dance instruction and primarily focused on the vulnerable population of girls and young women of color. 

InVision U realizes that the cost of dance classes and cultural education is often prohibitive for those it needs it most. Therefore the mission of InVision U is to support NBPAS as its leaders aspire to provide the youth of New Rochelle with a nurturing, safe space, from which they can gain the self-esteem and confidence to achieve their highest, personal goals. More concretely, InVision U and NBPAS aim to make our dance and our other health & wellness classes affordable for those who need it most and we scale tuition according to financial need. 

Particularly in times of dramatic change – such as we are presently experiencing in the New Rochelle community – having a secure foundation such as NBPAS provides can mean the difference between life success or failure as our youth try to find their way. Over the decade that NBPAS has been in operation, Ms. Jay has nurtured many classes of students who have benefited from not only dance and fitness instruction, but the inspiring life lessons in discipline and resilience that dance training brings. Their testimonies bear witness to the importance of our mission. 

InVision U asks you to join us in supporting NBPAS and the youth of New Rochelle.


1. To provide charitable, developmental services to youth and adults of the New Rochelle community in the form of dance, health & wellness, academic and cultural development programs 

2. To promote self-esteem, confidence, empathy, kindness and grace through structured programs and activities – primarily utilizing the medium of dance instruction 

3. To foster healthy living and self-care through fitness and wellness activities and facilitate team building, sportsmanship, camaraderie and friendship among young people.

4. To provide academic support and enrichment opportunities for adolescents and young adults as a community-based organization 

5. To provide a safe space and foster open communication for youth and adults from diverse cultures and backgrounds through performing arts and cultural programs 

6. To provide motivational programs to empower individuals and support them in achieving their highest personal and life affirming goals 

7. To provide manhood training to support the development of young men 

8. To provide career development assistance to college bound students and mentorship programs to develop leadership skills 

9. To provide young people with the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and form new experiences beyond those 
with which they are familiar from their community and environment 

10. To be an outreach program to the local, national, and global community

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