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I am Aaleyah Williams and I am the CEO of Skye Beauty LLC. I am a 14 year old business owner! I make handmade, vegan, and cruelty free beauty products! Our products can be used by men and women. I started this business because I’ve always been into beauty and I always wanted to start a business in beauty. Some of my long term goals are to hit a 6 figure business, open a Skye Beauty Shop, start employing people, and move my business to California one day! I really hope that you all love my products! Shop Skye Beauty Today.


Ashley Bryant is a Miami native who believes, if you put your mind to it you can do anything you desire. Currently, a six-grade student that loves to sing, dance, and explore Science and Social Studies. At her school, she serves as a Reading buddy for primary students. Ashley loves to discover new things and share stories about what she aspires to become in the future. Reading books with characters that look like her empowers her to write her own story. Ashley believes she will make a difference and change the way we see brown skin girls one day! This is her first of many books. Kalifa the discovery is volume one that will form into a series of chapter books. Ashley is excited about being an author and describes the opportunity as POWERFUL. She believes that when people embrace their uniqueness is when we unlock our superpower. She encourages her peers to never give up when it gets hard because the end reward is always worth it. 

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